So what happens when AIM decides to be stupid and randomly give me somene to speak to?

jonasnelson12 is mobile
(1:54:46 AM)

jonasnelson12: who is this

jonasnelson12 is mobile (1:54:46 AM)

tinkerbellfan5: who is this?

jonasnelson12: and how did u get my aim

jonasnelson12: lol

jonasnelson12: someone

jonasnelson12: and u

tinkerbellfan5: wait I'm confused, I have no idea who you are becuase I never imed you

tinkerbellfan5: I am someone

tinkerbellfan5: WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON

jonasnelson12: wwwwww:hhh:attttttt

tinkerbellfan5: XDDDD I'm still confused. What did the aim from me say?

jonasnelson12: something that stared with a

tinkerbellfan5: When did you get this?

jonasnelson12: do u live in ca

tinkerbellfan5: that's what I sent to you? "Do you live in CA?"

jonasnelson12: no

tinkerbellfan5: wait, are you asking if I live in CA?

jonasnelson12: i starts with a a

tinkerbellfan5: I'm confused

jonasnelson12: yes

tinkerbellfan5: Oh well I do not live in CA

tinkerbellfan5: why do you

jonasnelson12: me to

jonasnelson12: yes

jonasnelson12: do i know you

tinkerbellfan5: lol I do not, I think what's happneing is that when I Imed my one friend from CA that since she was on her phone, aim messed

jonasnelson12: ???

tinkerbellfan5: up and sent it to like three differnt people

tinkerbellfan5: unless you're an Arashi fan. THEN I might know you somehow

tinkerbellfan5: XD

jonasnelson12: ok

jonasnelson12: who is that

jonasnelson12: lol

tinkerbellfan5: It is a band! An amazing awesome band 8D

jonasnelson12: awesome i know it

tinkerbellfan5: so would I be talking to someone femalian?

jonasnelson12: jkjk idk wat cind of band that is

tinkerbellfan5: lol it'

tinkerbellfan5: s jpop

jonasnelson12: what

jonasnelson12: lol

tinkerbellfan5: lol 1. Am I talking to a boy or girl and 2. Arashi is a Jpop band

jonasnelson12: bbbbbbbbboooooooooyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

jonasnelson12: and u

tinkerbellfan5: ggggggggggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll!!!

jonasnelson12: how old are u

tinkerbellfan5: You first

jonasnelson12: lol

jonasnelson12: 1

tinkerbellfan5: well then I'm 1

jonasnelson12: 32

tinkerbellfan5: or your 32

jonasnelson12: 32

tinkerbellfan5: XD

jonasnelson12: jkjk i am 16

jonasnelson12: how oold are u

tinkerbellfan5: older than you sir, but not by too much

jonasnelson12: what does xd mean

tinkerbellfan5: It's a face. Taht goes XDDD

jonasnelson12: oookk i am 18

jonasnelson12: 18

jonasnelson12: 18

jonasnelson12: 18

tinkerbellfan5: are you?

jonasnelson12: yes

tinkerbellfan5: so why'd you tell me you were 16

jonasnelson12: so i can see how old u were first

jonasnelson12: how old are u

jonasnelson12: i am 18

tinkerbellfan5: lol

tinkerbellfan5: well congratulations

tinkerbellfan5: you found someone the same age as you

jonasnelson12: lmao

tinkerbellfan5: so you 18 as in graduating?

jonasnelson12: yes

tinkerbellfan5: cool

jonasnelson12: do u want to go out

jonasnelson12: lol 8)

tinkerbellfan5: O_O

tinkerbellfan5: I'm sorry, but like I said, not from CA

tinkerbellfan5: there miggghhtt be a bit of a problem with a longdistance relationsip

jonasnelson12: i am in ohi

jonasnelson12: i live in ohi

jonasnelson12: ohio

tinkerbellfan5: oh really that's cool

tinkerbellfan5: where from in Ohio?

jonasnelson12: i forgot i just moved out here

tinkerbellfan5: from?

jonasnelson12: ca

jonasnelson12: where do u live

tinkerbellfan5: Ohio

jonasnelson12: u do really

tinkerbellfan5: I do really

jonasnelson12: what part

tinkerbellfan5: eastern

jonasnelson12: yes

tinkerbellfan5: yes?

jonasnelson12: yes

jonasnelson12: so do u want to go out out

tinkerbellfan5: lol I don't even know you're name and you're asking me out? Plus for all you know, I could be a real creeper

jonasnelson12: a do u know the band jonas

tinkerbellfan5: I do....

jonasnelson12: i know them

tinkerbellfan5: that's cool

jonasnelson12: in person

tinkerbellfan5: COOL!!!

tinkerbellfan5: I know a couple of their songs

jonasnelson12: u said u could be a creeper

tinkerbellfan5: umm...yes I could be. As in you were asking out someone that you didn't know

jonasnelson12: oookkk iff u say so

tinkerbellfan5: lol am i a creeper? No.

tinkerbellfan5: Hyperactive sometimes but creepy, no

jonasnelson12: what is your password

tinkerbellfan5: O_O I'm sorry?

jonasnelson12: jkjkjk

tinkerbellfan5: yeaaahh that's what i thought you said

tinkerbellfan5: well tell me dude who's name I have yet to find out, what makes you ask me out?

jonasnelson12: ur funny ur cool and u like the bands i like

jonasnelson12: jason

tinkerbellfan5: that's you? Your Jason?

jonasnelson12: and u

tinkerbellfan5: Keely

jonasnelson12: so do u like me

tinkerbellfan5: I don't konw. I'm a bit slower at making decisions


tinkerbellfan5: well Jason tell me a bit more about yourself

jonasnelson12: i like funny movies i like nike shoes and nice girls lol

tinkerbellfan5: well let's see you told me stuff so I'll trade you some info

jonasnelson12: ok

tinkerbellfan5: I like Arashi, I plan on majoring in Japanese and becoming a translator, and my mom was one of the most amazing ppl I ever knew

jonasnelson12: what is a translator

jonasnelson12: lol

tinkerbellfan5: someone who interprets languages

jonasnelson12: oooohhhh

tinkerbellfan5: Yup!! You're turn!

jonasnelson12: soo do u...

tinkerbellfan5: do I?

jonasnelson12: yes or no

tinkerbellfan5: yes or no?

jonasnelson12: yes

tinkerbellfan5: ?

jonasnelson12: your going out with me

tinkerbellfan5: ummm I am?

jonasnelson12: ok

tinkerbellfan5: XDDDD I feel like I never agreed to this

jonasnelson12: so what do u want to talk about

jonasnelson12: so what do u want to talk about boy friend and girl friend suff

tinkerbellfan5: ummm....define, boyfriend and girlfriend stuff

jonasnelson12: what do u mean

tinkerbellfan5: what did you mean by ": so what do u want to talk about boy friend and girl friend suff"

jonasnelson12: like wat they talk about

tinkerbellfan5: and that would beee??

jonasnelson12: have u ever had a boy friend

tinkerbellfan5: nope! How bout you, ever had  a gf?

jonasnelson12: yes

tinkerbellfan5: well then you'd be the one who'd know what they talk about, not me xD


jonasnelson12: like kissing and suff

jonasnelson12: xD

tinkerbellfan5: :O Good boy!! You learned the best emoticon ever!!!

jonasnelson12: what!

tinkerbellfan5: the XD is the best emoticon ever!!

jonasnelson12: ok

jonasnelson12: how do u like

tinkerbellfan5: How do I like?

jonasnelson12: i have curly hair light skined black bule eyes

tinkerbellfan5: Pale as death skin, hazel eyes, curly hair

jonasnelson12: how much aims do u have

tinkerbellfan5: what do you mean?

jonasnelson12: online

tinkerbellfan5: like with you?

jonasnelson12: yes

tinkerbellfan5: 87

jonasnelson12: name one

jonasnelson12: not me

tinkerbellfan5: you mean name someone else I'm talking to?

jonasnelson12: yes

jonasnelson12: yes

jonasnelson12: hellow

tinkerbellfan5: Sorry, I was workingon my ipod and didn't see the aim lighting up

tinkerbellfan5: ummm Grace

tinkerbellfan5: I talk to Grace

jonasnelson12: are u thats the screen name

jonasnelson12: hellow

jonasnelson12: hey

tinkerbellfan5: sorry I didn't see that

jonasnelson12: hey

tinkerbellfan5: No that's her name

jonasnelson12: okkk

jonasnelson12: idk u so

tinkerbellfan5: ??

jonasnelson12: delete my aim now

tinkerbellfan5: LOOOOLLL

jonasnelson12: not funny

jonasnelson12: delete it

tinkerbellfan5: Lol how is that NOT funny? After the whole "wanna go out" crap

jonasnelson12: i am blocking u and deleteing u ok

tinkerbellfan5: you do that Baka you do that

tinkerbellfan5: and for the record, I sincerely doubt you are 18, no offence

jonasnelson12: shut up

tinkerbellfan5: why? am I right?

jonasnelson12: stfsb

tinkerbellfan5: I'll take that as a I am correct

jonasnelson12: by3

tinkerbellfan5: see ya never again dude


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Arashi Podcast??

A couple of days ago I was sitting in the car on the way to the mall listening to a mugglecast. I gotta say, I love podcasts. So as I was sitting there being stupid, I started thinking, why don't we have an Arashi podcast.....Lol. It was just a random thought, though I think it would be cool. What do you guys all think?? Is it a weird idea??

Meanwhile, Nino's baystorm, KAJF;LKJA O;IA;ILJAF IOPAF;IWE!!! Ahh,, I'm sooo excited! I may die! XDD I'm hoping it's something Huuugee! Even if it's not, that's cool.(suurree)

I started watching a list of dramas in alphabetical order. And I'm still not through the first one. XP I guess I'd better finish 1% of Anything so I can move on to the next one. 

Til next time! Stay Classy!

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And so begins my 2nd Attempt

    Well, here it is......(drumroll please) My second attempt at posting on livejournal XD. Goodness knows how this is going to turn out. Please allow me to apologize in advance for the mess, I seriously will try to make it look pretty, but for right now, this is it.  For those of you who just stumbled on my livejournal somehow, I'll post a little about myself in the first post.
    It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away....wait, that's not right. Anyways, my name's Keely. I'm a clumsy girl in the middle of the now chilly Ohio. My favorite colors are red and blue, and my favorite food is probably pizza. (Yay pizza!!) I love to read and write and hope to become a good enough writer to create a bestseller someday. BUT the big reason I'm on here, is my love for Arashi!!  

   Arashi is a Japanese idol band and they're awesome!! They consist of Satoshi Ohno, Jun Matsumoto, Masaki Aiba, Sho Sakurai, and Kazunari Ninomiya(Nino) In order of the pic above.  Check them out on youtube if you haven't seen them yet!!  I guess that's it for the first post since my hand's hurting. I managed to scald it while baking cookies. Genius aren't I?? 

Until next time!!

Oh yeah, the reason that for right now the colors are black and gold is for representing the Pittsburgh Penguins. Go Pens!!
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